We Must Rethink Foreign Policy

The status quo is failing America. We can do better with realism and restraint.

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20 years in Afghanistan. 19 years in Iraq. Troops still in harm’s way elsewhere in the Middle East and Africa. And now, we are sending troops into Eastern Europe to potential fight a war with no vital U.S. interests at stake. We have spent trillions (with a “T”) of your tax dollars on a foreign policy that isn’t serving our national interests or making Americans safer.

We need a better way. We need to rethink our foreign policy. We need realism and restraint.

Hopefully you have watched the videos, and are asking yourself the important questions and examining the real costs of how we have conducted ourselves as a country on the global stage over the last few decades. Now we need our leaders in Washington to do the same. The old way of doing foreign policy has cost Americans too much.

A better approach to foreign policy would mean looking at the world from a realistic point of view—seeing how the world is, rather than how we would like it to be—and basing our actions in that realism. And it would mean restraining our use of military force to be only a last resort—utilizing the many other tools in the diplomatic toolbox before sending troops into unwelcome places and harm’s way.

We need you to add your voice to a strong and growing movement of Americans who are tired of seeing their friends, neighbors, and/or family members sent to fight in unnecessary wars. A movement of Americans who understand the status quo must change to best serve our country and the Americans who call it home.

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